PacifiCorp Seeks to Hire U.S. Military Veterans

pacificorpveteransjobsVeterans Offered Jobs at Leading Utility Company

PacifiCorp reaches out to Employ U.S. Veterans

by Marcy Bulstrom

PacifiCorp is one of the West’s leading utilities, serving more than 1.6 million customers in six western states. PacifiCorp was formed in 1984, when its electric utility, natural resource development and telecommunications businesses grew into full-fledged enterprises. In 1989, it merged with Utah Power & Light, and continued doing business as Pacific Power and Utah Power. The company was acquired by MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company in 2006.

Today, PacifiCorp consists of three business units, aggregating up to PacifiCorp: PacifiCorp Energy, containing the electric generation, commercial and energy trading functions, and the coal-mining operations of the company, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah; Pacific Power, which delivers electricity to customers in Oregon, Washington and California, is headquartered in Portland, Ore.; and Rocky Mountain Power, which delivers electricity to customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. PacifiCorp is headquartered in Portland, Ore.

With headquarters in Portland, Oregon and a total number of employees currently at 6,458, PacifiCorp requires the very best employees to keep it at the leading edge of it’s industry. To add quality personnel, they have partnered with to reach out and hire America’s best, our U.S. Veterans.

You see, PacifiCorp is looking for talented, enthusiastic and skilled people who want to join a leading energy company and continue driving the company’s success. You can be an important part of our dynamic workplace. They offer an energetic environment and outstanding personal and professional growth opportunities. Consider the possibilities for placement within PacifiCorp. Depending on your skills and the company’s needs, you may have an opportunity to work in different locations throughout their U.S service territory. The invigorating challenge of working at PacifiCorp is backed by excellent benefits and a supportive work environment.

pacificorpapplynowCulture and values
PacifiCorp fosters development, creativity and superior performance. They ontinually strive to maintain the key performance factors that they believe lead to their success:

* Customer focus
* Job knowledge
* Planning & decision making
* Productivity
* Building relationships
* Leadership

They measure employee performance by these performance factors and their results. PacifiCorp rewards employees who demonstrate excellence in both.

At PacifiCorp, they encourage everyone to work together. They embrace diversity and value the distinct and different perspectives our employees bring to the table. PacifiCorp consistently strives to weave diversity into the fabric of everything they do.

PacifiCorp offer employees a variety of professional and personal growth opportunities. Their Open Learning Centers, education assistance program, individual development plans and management training programs allow employees to learn new skills and expand their knowledge.

So I strongly urge you to consider a career opportunity with PacifiCorp and you’ll join a fine company who is leading the charge forward for the industry in the West of the U.S.A