Jobs offered to Veterans in Iraq at Saeh Al-Sahra

Iraq Jobs for U.S. Veterans at Al-SahraIraqi Reconstruction Firm Needs Experienced U.S. Veterans Now!

by Gordon Gates

Saeh Al-Sahra Group Inc. (SSG) is a company established by experienced Iraqi engineers under the leadership of Eng. Varand Souren, a prominent Iraqi communications and electrical engineer and businessman. After the 2003 war, the company expanded rapidly by taking an active part in the reconstruction projects in various parts of Iraq, especially in the Baghdad area where most of SSG’s staff are native to.

Until recently, SSG activities were focused on construction and infrastructure material supply projects. In August 2006, SSG reorganized its staff, hired new managers and engineers, and re-engineered its business processes with the goal of becoming a major engineering contracting company in Iraq. The company started to implement a new quality program and internal audit process to assure maximum quality and corporate efficiency in all its activities. In its drive to uplift the company to new levels of performance, SSG enjoyed the services of several business consultants. It also started negotiations to form partnerships with prominent engineering companies; such as Al-Tai Co., which is one of the most prestigious names in Iraq’s power sector.

Saeh Al-Sahra Group is now a general contracting group capable of providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of client requirements. From providing construction and power solutions to providing all procurement needs and transportation of goods and materials to any location in the nation. To support the effort, they are reaching out with, a major U.S. Job Board for U.S. Veterans, to fill important jobs in Baghdad and around Iraq. HR Director Mark Helsin says “It’s important that we get experienced personnel here to meet the challenges and U.S. Veterans simply fit the bill”.

U.S. Veterans Apply to Jobs in Iraq at Al-Sahra Saeh Al-Sahra Group’s activities during the past few years have been abundant and wide ranging; SSG’s client base now spans to encompass both Foreign and Iraqi institutional and private entities. And the number is growing.

* MNFI Contracting Offices
* Balad KBR Baghdad
* Parsons Group
* AMT Company
* Tetra Tech
* Baghdad
* Mosul
* Takrit
* Taji
* Anaconda

Saeh Al-Sahra is an Iraqi owned and operated group of companies collectively providing extensive services in the following fields of activity Construction & Power Solutions, General Trading Services, and Transportation Services

What distinguishes Saeh Al-Sahra is the group’s ability in successfully providing and implementing an extensive variety of solutions throughout Iraq; on time and within budget constraints. This level of competency is largely dependant on the following factors:

* Saeh Al-Sahra is an Iraqi owned and operated company
* Saeh Al-Sahra has extensive experience & expertise

Being an Iraqi entity; Saeh Al-Sahra is capable of surpassing all obstacles, mainly the security situation, and getting the job done on schedule. Saeh Al-Sahra’s extensive experience and level of expertise empower the group with the ability to provide a wide variety of solutions and the required resources and diligence to get the job done.

If you are a U.S. Veteran who seeks a challenging job to be part of the reconstruction of Iraq, Saeh Al-Sahra asks you to view their jobs right now and apply.