Health Care Industry Leader to Employ U.S. Veterans in Key Jobs

Apply for Jobs at Baxter - Veterans MilitaryHEALTH CARE INDUSTRY LEADER SEEKS TO HIRE U.S. VETERANS.


by Gordon G. Gates

A leader in health care for more than 75 years. Baxter assists health-care professionals and their patients with treatment of complex medical conditions. Since Baxter’s founding in 1931 as the first manufacturer of commercially prepared intravenous (IV) solutions, the company has introduced a number of innovations that have saved and sustained countless lives. This remains their hallmark and their mission. Baxter is privileged to work in an industry where what they do benefits so many. Baxter employees around the world are connected by an enduring commitment to save and sustain lives. It is this higher purpose that binds them as a company and as global citizens.

To add even more value to the health and care of people, Baxter is reaching out to Hire U.S. Veterans to fill important jobs. Through it’s partnership with, America’s premier job board for U.S. Veterans, Baxter is reaching out right now and encouraging U.S. Veterans to view their jobs and apply right now.

A History of Innovation
Baxter’s heritage has been built on more than 75 years of innovation in healthcare. Many of their products have revolutionized medicine. In addition to the first commercially prepared IV solutions, other Baxter “firsts” include the first commercially accepted artificial kidney, making life-saving dialysis possible for people with kidney disease; the first concentrated clotting factor for people with hemophilia; the first flexible, plastic blood-collection and IV-solution container systems; and the first ambulatory dialysis therapy.

Commitment to Science and Technology
Innovation remains key to Baxter’s future success. Today’s research initiatives include adult stem cell therapies, tissue-regeneration technologies, and vaccines for avian flu and other infectious diseases. Baxter’s ability to build on its history of innovation requires a strong foundation of skills and talents across all areas of science and technology.

Global Presence
Each day, millions of people around the world rely on Baxter’s life-saving products. Baxter derives more than half of its sales and earnings from outside the United States and conducts business in more than 100 countries. Global expansion remains a key growth strategy for the company. Working for Baxter provides an opportunity to work with people around the world to bring much-needed healthcare to fast-growing markets.
Industry Leadership

Baxter is a leader in most of the markets it serves. They are the largest maker of IV solutions and other products that deliver fluids and drugs to patients. They are the leading provider of recombinant clotting factor for hemophilia. They are the largest provider of dialysis solutions for home dialysis. Baxter’s expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology makes the company unique in the healthcare industry.

Baxter’s Culture
They place strong emphasis on shaping our workplace culture by defining the Shared Values, Competencies and Personal Attributes that are necessary for employees to be successful. By setting common expectations for how they approach their work every day, their employees know what they can and should expect from themselves and from one another…and how they can achieve great results. They call these their Baxter Leadership Expectations, which are for every employee, everywhere at Baxter.

Professional Development
An important responsibility of an organization is to create opportunities for people to live their dreams. Baxter offers a range of training and development programs along with competitive compensation and benefits. The company views ongoing employee learning and skill development as critical to its future success. Baxter also supports a healthy balance between work, personal and family life, and recognizes that every individual’s diverse background and experiences contribute to the organization’s success.

Jobs BaxterCommitment to Sustainability
Baxter views sustainability as a long-term approach to balancing its business priorities with social, economic and environmental responsibilities. This includes using financial resources wisely, operating in a sound and ethical manner, giving back to their communities, responding to the needs of victims of natural and man-made disasters, expanding access to healthcare, protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees – all of which make Baxter a rewarding place to work.

The commitment to managing work and life runs deep at Baxter. From their senior leaders to production specialists on the manufacturing floor, work and life represents the mix of what they do for a living and how they live their lives.

Baxter is committed to fostering an environment that helps employees manage their work and personal needs. More than 15 years ago Baxter dedicated resources to develop and lead work/life at the company. Since then, Baxter has been widely recognized for its efforts in this area.

Baxter believes that managers and employees share responsibility in achieving and managing a healthy blend of work and personal life. Baxter provides managers and employees a guidebook for understanding work/life issues, and recognizes and encourages open discussion about work/life conflicts when they occur.

More than 10 years ago Baxter dedicated resources to develop and lead work/life at the company. Since then, the company has been widely recognized for its efforts in this area.

Programs and Resources
Work/life is a critical aspect of overall employee engagement throughout Baxter. Due to local circumstances and business needs, Baxter’s programs and resources vary throughout the world, but reflect the company’s philosophy of creating a healthy blend among work, personal and family life.

While Baxter’s U.S. operations have been able to offer more work/life resources than other locations, its global operations continue to work with external organizations as appropriate to help progress and facilitate work/life programs for non-U.S. operations. Many of the work/life programs and resources listed below are available globally, while all are available in the U.S.:

  • Adoption assistance and reimbursement;
  • Alternative work arrangements, including part-time, compressed week, job sharing, telecommuting and flexible time;
  • Back-up/emergency child and elder care;
  • Dependent care reimbursement account;
  • Educational assistance;
  • Employee assistance and counseling program;
  • Enhanced elder care management services;
  • Lactation rooms;
  • Resource and community referrals for family, financial and work issues; and
  • Various national childcare support options.

Alternate Work Arrangement Proposal Kit
Baxter recognizes that alternate work arrangements are a way to meet employees’ needs for balance and flexibility while continuing to meet the company’s business goals. The company’s Alternate Work Arrangement Proposal Kit assists employees and managers around the world in reviewing the steps required for proposing and reviewing requests for flexibility within the scope of an existing position.

Alternate work arrangement options include, but are not limited to:

  • Part-Time – the employee generally works less than 40 hours per week and receives a prorated salary.
  • Compressed Work Week – this schedule consists of a standard work period compressed into fewer than five or 10 days. A common schedule is four 10-hour days with the fifth day off.
  • Job Share – two employees each work a reduced work schedule and together perform one job.
  • Telecommuting – the employee works some or all of the time from home or a satellite office.
  • Flex Time – the beginning and end of the work days vary, generally within a two-hour range, while a required number of work hours is allocated to each day.

Work/Life in the Workplace Guidebook
Baxter’s “Work/Life in the Workplace” Guidebook is a global resource that encourages dialogue and equal involvement by employees and managers in achieving a healthy blend between work and personal needs. It describes some of the root causes of work/life conflicts and offers suggestions for collaborative solutions, working on the premise that work/life is a shared responsibility between employees and managers.

At Baxter, they are truly committed to recruiting the best people and helping them become outstanding contributors. As a leading global company, they offer a multitude of opportunities at various levels worldwide. So view the jobs now and apply to those that fit for you.

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