Solar Turbines Inc. Partners with

Solar Turbines Teams Up with to Recruit Our Nation’s Finest

Wanting to do more for U.S. Military Veterans, Solar Turbines Incorporated has partnered with to actively recruit retired service personnel for employment opportunities within their company. The leadership skills learned combined with the real world experiences and training every armed service person leaves with is exactly what makes them excellent recruitment material any company would cherish.

Solar Turbines recognizes and embraces these qualities by offering to U.S. Veterans the wide range of open positions within their company. By doing so, Solar Turbines is making a statement to other international companies that hiring retired service personnel is not only the right thing to do, it is the best thing to do as well; for the continued growth of the company and for the well being of our Nation’s finest.

About Solar

Solar Turbines is a world leading producer of mid-range industrial gas turbines for use in power generation, natural gas compression, and pumping systems. It provides full product support, equipment supply, financing, plus installation and operation and maintenance capability.

In 1981, Caterpillar purchased the Company, and today, Solar Turbines Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary.

Products and Services

Products include six gas turbine product families, Saturn®, Centaur®, Mercury™, Taurus™, Mars®, Titan™, and eight centrifugal gas compressor product families including both pipeline and multi-stage compressors. Gas Turbine Products range from 1-22 MW (1500-30,000hp). Solar also manufactures Turbotronic™ microprocessor-based control systems utilizing PLC technology. Services offered by the Company cover gas turbine and gas compressor overhaul, parts replacement, field service, package refurbishment, and asset management.

Solar sells, manufactures, and services its products in more than 96 countries from over 30 worldwide locations. Business is conducted through these offices with sales and service employees plus sales representatives and selected distributors. Although 80% of Solar’s employees and 85% of the physical assets are located in the U.S., Solar exports more than 70% of its products. Solar is one of the 50 largest exporters in the United States.


Solar participates in two major market segments:

• Oil and Gas Production and Transmission (O&G),
• Power Generation (PG)

An essential requirement for market success is operating effectively in every global region. Solar is a domestic company competing and winning internationally through a marketing strategy of deploying processes within the culture of the region. By placing people in specific geographic areas and driving decisions down to their locale, Solar is able to operate effectively within the common practices of the region.Another important requirement for market success is providing the necessary after-sales service and support in any global location. Because gas turbine installations operate for decades, service for the life of the product, overhaul, and refurbishment are critical components of market success.

Internal Resources

Solar employs team-based work systems beginning with the leadership system, and extending throughout the factories to include participation of the bargaining unit employees in Market Line Assembly teams, Certified Assembly Manufacturing (CAM) teams, and Certified Overhaul Assembly (COA) teams. Team-based implementation varies depending upon the function, process, and/or technology, from informal structures to focused factories and self-directed teams that do their own hiring and 360-degree performance reviews. Solar provides performance incentives for all employees, with pay out based on the company’s annual return on assets. Business performance is reviewed with all employees on a quarterly basis.

Social Responsibility

All of Solar’s facilities place high priority on environmental health and safety performance. High priority areas include Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction and many of Solar’s facilities have received awards for safety and environmental management.

Emission standards are becoming increasingly more stringent worldwide and are a core customer requirement. Offering low-emissions products provide a competitive advantage. Solar maintains a leadership position with its SoLoNOx™ dry-emission technology that significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions, a contributor to smog. Solar’s effectiveness in providing new pollution-prevention technology into the marketplace was confirmed through a Department of Energy (DOE) grant to develop the next generation of high-efficiency, low-emission industrial gas turbines.

Supplier and Partnership Relationships

Suppliers are classified into three categories: approved, certified, and partners. Suppliers undergo a rigorous process to achieve these ratings, including an 18-point process-control assessment that addresses material and documentation control, personnel selection and training, quality management, and continuous improvement approach. Annual quality, cost, and cycle-time reduction goals are established and monitored and direct point-of-use deliveries provide both Solar and these suppliers with quality and cost benefits.

Supplier partnerships exist where there is a critical dependency on supplier technology, part performance, and/or part lead times. A few select partners have demonstrated the highest quality and performance standards, participated in shared risk-taking, and assigned people in Solar’s facilities to participate on new product development teams.

Solar’s supplier strategy is to optimize the number of suppliers by basing selection on core competencies, value added, and dedication to continuous improvement. Solar’s Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS) provides suppliers with monthly status of their delivery and quality performance. Solar hosts Supplier Symposiums and training to strengthen relationships. Solar has special practices in place to manage and protect its small, disadvantaged suppliers.