Exciting New Fire Safety Company hiring Veterans!

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Fire Solution Company Reaches Out to Hire U.S. Veterans Now

by Holly McBain

Ember Aqua Shield has joined forces with HireVeterans.com to recruit Veterans as Independent Sales Representatives to promote, sell and service their patent pending fire safety device.

The Ember Aqua Shield is a unique roof mounted water device designed to protect your home from the embers of burning wildfires. On a dry roof, flying wildfire embers will ignite causing fire and destruction to your home. With the EAS properly installed, the roof is protected with a constant waterfall thus minimizing the chance of wildfire sparks burning the house down.

Why Military Veterans? Because Ember Aqua Shield knows the commitment to duty and country each service personnel is instilled with and believes this will carry over into their sales leadership openings. The skills of survival, quick thinking and problem solving are critical to being a successful salesperson and are highly coveted by Ember Aqua Shield.

About Ember Aqua Shield

Ember Aqua Shield, Inc. is a Florida corporation in the business to perform numerous services for the public, such as Grandpas Motorcycle Towing for a little over three years. Currently he has a patent pending product for the public called the Ember Aqua Shield.

The Product

The Ember Aqua Shield is a temporary fire suppression unit to be placed on the roof, when a brush fire is near their home or place of business. They do not have to get on the roof to place the unit on the roof. They only need to get a ladder that allows them to reach the drip edge of the roof.

Place the unit on the roofs’ edge and then connect the 5 foot lengths of feeder pipe, by simply screwing them together and roll the unit over the peak of the roof, in the center of the roof. Connect the garden hose to the feeder pipe and turn on wide open.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Ember Aqua Shield understands and applauds the commitment to success that is ingrained into every Military Veteran. This is one of the reasons why the company has joined with HireVeterans.com to actively seek US Veterans as Independent Sales Representatives. EAS offers a complete sales training and development program designed to get you going in the right direction. Combine this with the natural dedication to excellence found in all US Veterans and the possibilities are limitless with Ember Aqua Shield.