Community Health Plans Hiring Veterans

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by Holly McBain

Committed to Your Health and Livelihood!

Community Health Plans (CHP) of Washington State had partnered with to offer our Nation’s Veterans exciting employment opportunities.

The ability to multi-task, making effective decisions, and provide genuine leadership are just some of the life-skills learned by the U.S. Military and the qualities highly regarded by the hiring recruiters at CHP.

By actively hiring U.S. Veterans, CHP is able to enhance their community involvement through the employment of the local “natural resources” trained and educated by our Nation’s Armed Forces. They know the importance of helping one another and that is best shown by offering employment opportunities to U.S. Military Veterans.

About Community Health Plan

Community Health Plan was established in 1992 by a network of community health centers across Washington State. We provide coverage for people in 33 counties. Our members receive services from more than 1,000 primary care providers and 8,000 specialists at more than 250 primary care sites and over 80 hospitals. We’re the fifth-largest health program in Washington (commercial or non-profit).

Access for Today; Action for Tomorrow

At Community Health Plan, we make high-quality health care available to more people. Here’s how we do it.

Access: Through our affordable insurance programs, we provide people with access to high-quality health care delivered right in their communities, in ways that fit their cultures, values, and lifestyles.

Action: We’re also busy changing the system. We bring together consumers, service providers, advocacy groups, and legislators to make health care more widely available and to create programs and systems that meet real-life needs.

That’s our strategy: access plus action. It’s unlike anything you’ll find from other health plans.

Built by the Community, for the Community

We’re different from other health plans because we were created by the community health centers we partner with–front-line health care providers with community roots that stretch back more than 30 years. They’re the heart of our company. Through them, we have a closer connection to our customers and a perspective that allows us to develop products and services
that better meet their needs.

Access to Healthcare

We believe everyone has a right to high-quality health care, so we help remove the barriers–financial, cultural, linguistic, geographic, and otherwise–that keep many people from getting medical attention.

We serve people from all walks of life, and we’re a recognized leader in providing health care products and services for the under-insured including low-income families, diverse ethnic groups, recent immigrants, and people with disabilities. From the heart of Puget Sound to the communities of Eastern Washington, we provide access to locally delivered treatment and services that incorporate a real understanding of the cultures and traditions of the people we serve. Our work is distinguished by an uncommon commitment to the well-being of our customers and the communities they live in.

Working for Healthier Health Care Policy

It takes action to increase access to health care. That’s why we’re a vocal, visible catalyst for change, responding to emerging needs and improving existing systems. We passionately advocate for policy that ensures access to health care for every Washington resident. From Main Street to Olympia to Washington, D.C., we organize at the grassroots while working closely with legislators and regulators to shape policy that’s more effective.We’re also a critical part of the state’s safety net for the uninsured and underserved. We’ve filled the gap left by other health plans by increasing our capacity at existing locations, adding new clinics and providers, and expanding into more counties.

Enriching Communities

Unlike a traditional health plans, we measure success by the health care dollars we’re able to return to our communities. For example, we continually reinvest in health centers so they can provide better care to more people. We also fund measures that improve service delivery.At Community Health Plans, they value our retired service personnel.