Technical and Management Solutions Company Now Hiring War Veterans

Easi seeks war veterans for jobs.

EASI Partners with to Employ America’s War Veterans

by K. Morgan Barker

Enterprise Advisory Services, Inc. (Easi) is continuing their pattern of excellence by joining forces with to offer employment to America’s war veterans. They have a 23 year track record in competitive market and Easi knows that veterans have the inherent skills to get the job done. Veterans are already technically trained and skilled and work well within a team and are able to follow safety regulations to the letter.

Easi is a company to be proud to be associated with. Among many awards and recognitions, two scientists at EASI won NASA’s coveted Silver Snoopy Award in 2006 reinforcing that they are a top-player that is always looking for new and better solutions. EASI is the provider of choice to some of this nation’s most technically challenging and demanding government programs and leading-edge commercial clients. Easi’s managers, engineers, scientists, and technicians provide technical and management solutions in the fields of information technology, technical and engineering services, life sciences, and facility management…

Easi views each client’s needs as a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge to develop a product and services solutions that not only addresses their customer’s needs but improves upon past practices. The Easi services approach includes a balanced integration of people, processes, and technology ensuring that their customers receive the best solution possible.

Easi delivers its services through the following divisions:

· Easi Information Technology

· Easi Technical & Engineering Services

· Easi Life Sciences

· Easi Facility Management


In 23 years of operation, Easi has successfully served its clients, developed a strong management structure and client-focused corporate culture, received many awards and recognitions, and contributed to the community. This history of accomplishment and contribution provides the foundation on which they are building for a future of continued success.

Corporate Highlights

Easi is an established, reliable provider of high-quality technical and managerial services with clients at locations across the US. Their successful service delivery model combines motivated people, efficient, effective processes, and appropriate technology to create a customer experience that wins rave reviews.

· A 23-year track record of success demonstrates both stability and adaptability

· A proven model for start up of new operations at locations across the country enables Easi to mobilize effectively at new locations

· A comprehensive package of employee benefits promotes employee retention and enables effective recruiting.

EASI LOCATIONS: locationmap

Houston, TX
Easi Headquarters
NASA Johnson Space Center

Greenbelt, MD
NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center

Wallops Island, VA
NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Moffett Field, CA
NASA Ames Research Center

Washington, DC
NASA Headquarters

Oakridge, TN
American Museum of Science & Energy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Denver, CO

Minneapolis, MN

Eau Claire, WI

Amarillo, TX


Easi’s strength lies in their ability to manage their processes to consistently produce quality results, while retaining the flexibility and adaptability required by their clients. They realize that their services support their clients’ success, and they have demonstrated their ability to deliver success. They have standards and best practices to manage their work, but they excel because they adapt theirr approach to complement the business processes of their clients.

Key business processes that define Easi’s strengths include:

· A practical, proven operations management model that connects requirements to performance using service level agreements, metrics, performance measurement, and incentives.

· A comprehensive new account start-up model developed from years of experience starting new operations in new locations on many different accounts. At start-up, we assure that the people, processes, and technology are ready for success. We will “Make a Difference on Day One.”

· A robust, technology-enabled staffing model that puts the right people in the right jobs and equips them for success

· A tiered customer satisfaction program that maintains continuity from proposal to performance. At Easi, the people who make the promises, keep the promises.


Their mission is their driving force. They all strive to:

· Build a company we all like working for

· Learn constantly so we can benefit from change

· Work effectively outside of our comfort zone

· Make a difference in our jobs, lives, workplaces, and communities

· Corporate Purpose

· We are empowered to make change happen and are committed to:

· Creating value for customers

· Improving the quality of everything we touch

· Offering our employees opportunities for personal growth, challenge, learning, and career advancement

· Exceeding expectations

· Achieving excellence in customer service

· Corporate Values

· Our values drive our behavior.

· Teamwork: We need each other to succeed

· Entrepreneurial Spirit: We treat every job like a business

· Integrity and Reliability: We honor our commitments

· Quality: Delivered through quality people, quality processes, and appropriate technology

· Solution Oriented: We seek creative ways to solve problems

· Risk Taking: We use our knowledge to manage risk


Easi believes that ideas thrive best in a team environment. That is why everyone, at every level, in every function is encouraged to have original ideas, to express them, and to share them. Their formula for success is a rich combination of talented people, cutting-edge technology, constant innovation, and total dedication to their customers’ needs.

If you like to work in a dynamic, challenging environment that capitalizes on your strengths and abilities, please take a few moments to review Easi’s career page.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Easi is committed to maintaining an environment in which all employees are treated equitably and given the opportunity within the context of the business to achieve their potential. Easi’s Affirmative Action responsibilities extend to women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans. Company policy also provides for equal opportunity for qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.