Security and Risk Management Company Extends Jobs to War Veterans

Security and Risk Management Company Extends Jobs to War VeteransAegis Actively Seeking to Hire War Veterans

Aegis and Have Partnered to Employ War Veterans

By K. Morgan Barker

Aegis announces that they have joined forces with to employ America’s war veterans. War veterans have a history of being on the cutting-edge of military technology and security. Veterans are leaders in their own right, yet they exemplify teamwork and are professionals under pressure. Aegis recognizes that America’s veterans have the skills and discipline they value to propel their company even further as a top international player in the security and risk management business sector.

Military veterans fit hand-in-glove with Aegis due to their extensive training and expertise in the armed forces. Aegis recognizes few employees will ever bring the skills, integrity, discipline and commitment that war veterans inherently offer.

Aegis is based in London and is a privately owned British security and risk management company with overseas offices in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal and the USA. They have substantial experience and a world-wide client-base, including governments, international agencies and the multinational corporate sector. They are a registered and active UN contractor, a major security provider to the US government and security advisor to the Lloyds Joint War Risk Committee.

Iraq veterans know that the Aegis Foundation has been active right across Iraq since 2004 and has completed a wide range of projects assisting communities in urgent need, from providing clean drinking water for schools and inoculations against water-borne diseases to supplying hospitals and medical clinics with generators and essential equipment.

AEGIS Corporate Overview

Aegis specializes in the identification, analysis and mitigation of risk. They provide a commercially focused and innovative approach to security and risk management through three distinct but complementary divisions: Research and Intelligence, Security Operations and Technical Services. They are then able to offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security – from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism and espionage, close protection and support to governments.

Aegis runs a worldwide network of offices, contacts, and associates and their client’s further benefit from the extensive capabilities of their personnel, built up through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in the police, journalism, the UN, finance and commerce. This breadth of knowledge, combined with their global reach and wide practical experience, allows them to provide the highest quality specialist security advice as well as risk management solutions that take meticulous account of the specific requirements of each client.

AEGIS Business Process

Aegis seeks to be involved with clients at the beginning of the planning stage to ensure that risk and associated security measures are thoroughly addressed at the first opportunity and provided in the most cost effective manner. All Aegis activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretion, integrity and client confidentiality within the framework of national and international law, whilst at the same time maintaining complete corporate transparency. Aegis is committed to proper industry accountability and regulation.

AegisWhat Does Aegis do?

Research and Intelligence: Tomorrow’s Hindsight Today

The Aegis Research and Intelligence division delivers a range of geopolitical intelligence, threat assessment and investigative services tailored to the specific requirements of corporate, institutional and government clients:


Regular detailed analysis of the key drivers of geopolitical stability and the security situation of countries of interest. Based on an assessment of the implications of local and regional geo–economics, the domestic political situation, international relations and specific local security threats, it provides a vital tool for those considering acquisitions and investments, or intending to establish and maintain a staff or asset base in that country. Their particular areas of expertise include North, South and South–East Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the former Soviet Union, Africa and Latin America.


Regular detailed analysis of important themes which can affect clients’ commercial operations:

· General terrorism and its impact on business. We maintain our own daily updated database of every terrorist incident worldwide.

· Maritime terrorism. We provide ‘ATAS’, a web–based maritime threat assessment tool, which provides instant, customer–specific risk assessments covering over 3,800 ports worldwide and all critical sea lanes.

· Domestic terrorism and single–issue extremism.

· Smuggling and corruption.


Advanced due diligence investigations on companies, organizations and individuals.


Negotiation and discreet business broking, including the recovery of expropriated assets.

Security Operations

Aegis specializes in providing an extensive range of pre–emptive and responsive security measures for governments, international organizations and the corporate sector to help mitigate geopolitical upheaval and to counter fraud, corruption, terrorism and organized crime.

Security Solutions

Combining the skills of Aegis’ research and intelligence department with their security specialists, they tailor specialist security solutions to meet clients’ particular requirements:

· Operational co–ordination: command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I).

· Business continuity, crisis management and contingency planning.

· Training for specialist military, police, intelligence and security applications.

· Close protection, force protection and physical security enhancements.

· Corporate liability and reputational risk management.

· Insurance related security services.

· Civil/military co–ordination, planning and interface.

· Medical, logistical, EOD and humanitarian support and disaster–relief assistance.

· Education in human rights/law of armed conflict and security sector reform.

ResearchGlobal Reach

Aegis enjoys a worldwide network of offices, contacts, and associates. Their clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of Their personnel, built up through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, police, journalism, the UN, finance and commerce.

Technical Services

Aegis’ technical division is a class leader in the provision of a wide range of technical surveillance and security services in a variety of disciplines.


Aegis personnel have operational experience in high–risk environments against hard–line terrorists and organized crime. Communications systems are secure and the evidence gathering systems are the most advanced currently available.

Technical Services

Independent of equipment manufacturers and distributors, they provide fully impartial solutions designed to meet clients’ particular requirements:

· Audio, video and CCTV operations.

· Asset and key personnel tracking.

· Electronic countermeasures.

· Remote sensing.

· Technical support.

· Security audits and reviews.

· Protective security.

· Training

For individuals or complete operational units, their “special to task” training packages use either the client’s equipment, or suitable equipment they can recommend.

Research and Development

Aegis continuously monitor technical developments worldwide and are frequently involved in sourcing and supplying surveillance and counter measures equipment to UK approved foreign government agencies.

Case Studies

Aegis in Iraq – Enabling Reconstructionaegisbmd_cg70_launches_sm

Since June 2004, Aegis has been under contract to the US Department of Defense to provide security support services to the Project and Contracting Office (PCO), responsible for managing the reconstruction program in Iraq. Known as Project Matrix, it is a reconstruction–enabling operation that sits at the core of the Coalition’s Nation–building endeavors. It harnesses the support of Coalition Forces to the reconstruction effort, thus reducing to a minimum friction between the civilian and military operations, and provides those engaged in reconstruction with a situational awareness they would not otherwise have had.

To achieve this, Aegis has established a Security Framework of Reconstruction Operations Centres (ROCs) throughout Iraq. There are six sited alongside regional Coalition Military headquarters and a National Reconstruction Operations Centre in Baghdad. Through these, Aegis maintains a situational awareness of logistical movement and reconstruction security operations allows sharing of intelligence among security forces and reconstruction contractors, effects co–ordination and liaison between reconstruction and military activity and provides threat assessments and intelligence to contractors. The ROCs also provide continuous information on the viability of road movement throughout Iraq, which is tracked by a system of transponders, complementary to the US Military’s ‘Blue Force Tracker.’ In the event of an emergency, whether caused by Insurgent attack or vehicle breakdown, Quick Reaction Forces are dispatched by helicopter or road.

As well as security advice, coordination and emergency backup to Prime Contactors, Aegis supplies a static guardforce to protect the headquarters of the PCO and US Corps of Engineers and a small close protection and vehicle escort capability to provide mobile security for journeys throughout Iraq to visit reconstruction projects.

In addition to its primary tasks, Aegis also conducts a self–funded civil affairs program. Its aim is to facilitate reconstruction in areas where the local people are hostile and to fill unforeseen gaps in PCO–funded projects. Activities such as inoculation programs in Nasiriyah and donations of school books throughout the country, build substantial returns of goodwill. Much of this work is funded through the Aegis Foundation.

Aegis also provides a number of expatriate–led and Iraqi–manned Reconstruction Liaison Teams that routinely travel the length and breadth of the country to monitor the progress of reconstruction work subcontracted to Iraqi building companies. Typically, this involves week–long expeditions to remote areas including along the Syrian and Iranian borders.

Supporting the Elections

In October 2005, Aegis was contracted by the UN Office for Project Support in support of the UN Electoral Assistance division (UNEAD) and the Independent Electoral Commission Iraq (IECI) to support the successful constitutional referendum in October and the General Election in December 2005. The requirement was to provide a mixed expatriate and Iraqi mobile security component to support electoral infrastructure inspection and liaison with the Governorate Electoral Officers and to provide static site security teams to electoral logistic sites in all 18 Governorate capitals throughout Iraq.

Commercial Contracts

In separate contracts, Aegis also provides security to a number of significant Blue Chip companies operating in Iraq.

If you are a war veteran and are interested in a career opportunity that includes an almost seamless transition from the Military and you would like to continue using your experience and skills in the civilian world doing something you love while also being paid well for it, follow the links below for more information:

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