ADWizz Advertising Services Reaches Out to Help War Veterans Get Jobs

ADWizz is helping War Veterans Find jobsCutting-Edge Advertising Company Encourages Clients to Hire War Veterans

ADWizz and Work Together to Employ America’s War Veterans

by K. Morgan Barker and Robbyn Wilson

ADWizz Advertising Services is a nationwide company who knows a partnership with veterans allows them to benefit from war veterans Military training and experience. Toward that end they have partnered with, one of the world’s leading employment services for veterans.

Veterans have leadership skills surpassing most civilians experience as well as strong teamwork abilities and efficient performance under pressure–all qualities that are essential for building a foundation in today’s highly competitive advertising market.

The advertising industry is booming

In the United States alone in 2005, spending on advertising reached $144.32 billion, reported TNS Media Intelligence. That same year, according to a report titled Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2006-2010 issued by global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, worldwide advertising spending was $385 billion. The accounting firm’s report projected worldwide advertisement spending to exceed half-a-trillion dollars by 2010.

ADWizz Advertising Services is a highly-recognized and respected player in the advertising field. ADWizz can boast a relationship with every agency, with every newspaper, magazine and website across the country.

This detail isn’t lost on their clients. As a result they are able to pass along significant savings to their clients that include:

  • Carl’s Jr. 200479800001
  • Hardee’s
  • City of Anaheim
  • Westways Staffing Services, Inc.
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • City of Huntington Beach
  • City of Tustin
  • City of Garden Grove
  • American Medical Response

Lindsey Wright of South Coast Air Quality Management District says, “During the 10 years
I have worked with ADWizz, I have found them to be consistently responsive, professional,
timely and pleasant (even when we call at the last minute!). ADWizz has simplified how we
pay for advertising.”

Additionally, ADWizz the following services absolutely free:

Toll free access to your representative: by e-mail or telephone so their clients can reach them 24 hours a day.

Media Advice and Campaign Planning: with over a decade of experience in advertising and thousands of ads placed, ADWizz can offer expert consultation on targeting audiences and planning an appropriate advertising campaign.

Copy Writing: Concise and proper content is key in attracting the right audience.

Budget and Management Reports: All information regarding ad placement and billing is available upon request.

Media and Internet Research: ADWizz is constantly researching new publications and websites as well as staying on top of current industry trends.

Display Ad Production: Their graphics department has over 20 years of experience, and can use their client’s logo, proper fonts, borders, and custom images to create camera ready ads within hours.

Dispute Resolution and Credit Adjustments: No more hassling with sales reps. ADWizz will step in and handle any and all altercations that may arise with misprints or illegible advertising.

Even with all of these free services, they can save you hundreds of dollars.

Sound too good to be true? Read on…

shaking_hands_croppedinsideAn Employment Advertising Agency that Respects the Needs of Their customers

Time is money, and delays are costly. ADWizz creates, places, and helps their clients get results immediately. ADWizz handles all aspects of the process with one single invoice, making them a bottom-line choice for businesses today.

ADWizz knows that nothing is as important to a client as prompt and courteous service. Their aim is to build a long lasting relationship with their clients.

Debbie Mejia of American Medical Response adds, “The customer service that I have received from ADWizz has been exceptional. No other employment ad agency has come close to their experience and knowledge. You will not find better pricing, customer service or knowledge anywhere!”

ADWizz has extensive knowledge of the details associated with placing effective print and Internet advertisements. Each print media has specific requirements for point size, line screening, add-on buys, and deadlines. Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, choosing appropriate websites can be daunting. ADWizz takes away the guess-work and will help you find the best place for your advertisements while keeping track of all these variables.

Armed with the knowledge of the type of employee your organization is seeking, they investigate every available resource, search for special publications or advertising sections, and plan their client’s advertising campaign. ADWizz also makes ongoing service easier by keeping ads on file for a full year, as opposed to the standard 10-20 day filing period.

Bottom-line, ADWizz is an agency that has integrity, efficiency and the connections nationwide to make your business grow. They are dedicated to providing the best service available in the advertising industry.