DPSI Joins HireVeterans.com to Employ U.S. Veterans

dpsiveteransjobsVeterans Being Recruited for Business Systems Company

DPSI Joins HireVeterans.com

by Gordon Gates

Diversified Protection Services Inc. (DPSI), a service provider of infrastructure systems for small to large business is immediately looking for U.S. Veterans to fill their active positions. DPSI provides full services to clients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for critical systems used to protect high asset value areas and equipment. DPSI aims to be a single source provider for it’s clients

They provide Fire Protection Detection systems e.g. Clean Agent Suppression Systems, FM-200, Inergen, FE-13 and CO2, Early Warning Smoke Detection, Wet-Pipe Preaction, Deluge and AFFF Systems and Handheld Fire Extinguishers.

They also provide services to provide for the condition of the air e.g. Air Conditioning Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC), Package Units, Comfort Cooling, Monitoring, Central Station, Site Leak Detection, Water, Hydrocarbon and Chemical, Cleaning and Raised Floor.

In addition, they design and implement Uninterruptible Power Systems. They provide Batteries, Power Distribution Units, DC Power Systems and Rectifiers, Automatic Transfer, Switches, Static Switches, Generators, and Switchgear. DPSI’s designs and installations provide uninterruptible power to clients critical operations.

Finally, the provide Emergency Systems to clients for their businesses and buildings they occupy

Really, facilities and equipment are critical to the success of a company. The value of integrating the proper solutions to quickly detect & suppress fires or other potentially hazardous events is not something to take lightly.

DPSI works as a partner to protect their clients’ critical facility against unexpected disasters and downtime. If you feel that you are up for the task, check out the jobs offered by DPSI and apply to them