The Veterans Business Directory Promotes Veterans Owned Businesses

Veterans Business DirectoryThe Veterans Business Directory Launches in Support of Veterans Owned Business

Business Guide for Veterans Offered to Help Veteran Owned Businesses and Veteran Entrepreuners

As the market grows to meet the demand of newly created U.S. Veterans, Veterans themselves are creating outstanding world class companies to to contribute supply of products and services. To meet the market, the Veterans Today Network, one of America’s largest network of web sites has created and launched The Veterans Business Directory.

“We have created a place where the business of veterans is the priority” says John P. Allen, general manager of The Veterans Today Network. “There is no better way to help a veteran than to do business with them and the companies they operate and manage.

Currently, there are over 1.2 million businesses owned by U.S. veterans, with 75 percent of these veterans having served during a time of war Business Guide for U.S. Veteransand conflict. We can all honor our veterans in a unique American way; let’s do business with them and thank them sincerely foir their military service.

The Veterans Business Directory allows users to search a free online directory to find services and products.

Visitors browse by city, state and specific category of interest, ranging from contractors to realtors to defense and security experts, through many categories. Listings provide a company description and full contact information including phone, fax, address, web address, e-mail and more.

For veterans interested in information on starting a new business, The Veterans Business Directory offers a free “Business Guide” section with help guides, links, business tips and more to assist military veterans who are getting started or expand their veteran-owned businesses.

Veterans interested in listing their business or service, along with companies who currently employ veterans, can learn more by visiting The Veterans Business Directory and clicking on the “Submit Free Listing” link in the menu. Each new member of the The Veterans Business Directory is provided with an official logo to place on their web site that looks like this:

Veterans Business Directory Membership Logo.

The Veterans Today Network has over 50,000 visitors per month to its network and is growing by 35% per year.

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