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New Military Medals, Patches, Badges and More Available Now

Need your U.S. Armed Forces stuff? No problem, is the new online store of Vets Supply Line. has a wide selection of Military Dog Tags, Plates, Tapes, Caps, Medals, Patches, Badges, Belts, Buckles, Coins, Stickers and Gift Items.

In celebration, has joined The Veterans Business Directory, an online register of veterans supported businesses.’s productss are the same as the military, government, and civilian agencies use today and for the past 50 years. They use the same materials, embroidery fonts and thread colors as prescribed in the military and government regulations.

For example, Genuine Military Dog Tags are the same stainless steel tags that were in use for WWII, Korea and early Vietnam. They come the same way they were issued to you in the military. You get 2 stamped tags, a long chain and a short chain. Customized tag inscription uses up to 5 lines with 16 characters per line. Typical Regulation Dog Tags include: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Service Number or Social Security Number, Blood Type and Religious Preference.


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