HireVeterans.com Welcomes Global Strategies Group

Jobs for Veterans at World Class Risk Management Company

by Gordon Gatesgsgjobs

Global Strategies Group (GLOBAL), the world’s leading multinational provider of diversified project risk management and high impact consultancy services, has joined HireVeterans.com, a veterans job board site, to reach out and employ U.S. Veterans.

GLOBAL services include the delivery of national security initiatives in counter terrorism, counter narcotics and borders security, the protection of critical infrastructure, global supply chain assurance, humanitarian assistance, reconstruction and stabilization, peace support operations, and a suite of business facilitation and enterprise risk management tools. All of our offerings are underpinned by unrivalled experience and leading edge technologies.



Client: Government
Outline: Our involvement in Iraq began before the conflict ceased. We planned and coordinated the interim US backed ORHA administration’s movement from Kuwait to Baghdad and, thereafter, secured all their locations and personnel. As the ORHA transitioned into the Coalition Provisional Authority, our security and counter terrorism role continued to expand even as the focus turned to the fundamental need to rebuild the country’s economy and introduce a stable currency. For this to be achieved, a complete currency exchange was required.

Our previous experience in Afghanistan, on a similar project, placed us in a uniquely capable position. In just a few days, we designed and planned the enormous security and logistics requirements needed for a complete nationwide exchange of old banknotes for 3,000 tons of newly printed Iraqi Dinars worth over USD4 billion. We established three secure provincial logistics hubs and over a six month period, utilizing over 700 people 130 vehicles and 7 aircraft, began moving the currency. With a combination of thousands of aircraft sorties and secure ground convoys, we successfully delivered the new bank notes in a number of tranches to more than 250 banks throughout Iraq; verifying and collecting over 13,000 tons of old money for destruction.

Outcome: The operation safely removed a currency that was both devalued and corrupted with counterfeit notes. Today, we continue to work in Iraq on tasks that, while dangerous, are assisting in the rebuilding and development of the country.

Global Strategies Group is a member of the Private Security Company Association of IRAQ (PSCIA).

GLOBAL delivers tangible benefits to people and organizations wherever they operate. To continue to meet the market challenges, GLOBAL is working with hire America’s best and brightest so that market challenges can be met. With a high quality workforce, GLOBAL can remain thought leaders and innovators in the market.

Their work with the United Nations, many governments and their military and civil departments, major commercial clients and non-government organizations, often takes them into extreme, even unique situations requiring a special team of people to meet the mission.

GLOBAL knows that experience gained on one project or in one country can be brought to bear in another. However, each new project or challenge must be assessed and appreciated on its own. There are no ready-made answers. This approach creates opportunities for clients as well as GLOBAL.

GLOBAL has been able to put into place services and support that allow their clients to develop business opportunities where before all they could see were risks and reasons not to act.

As a result, GLOBAL offers a broad and deep range of services to best support all their clients. Diverse as these may be, one strength underpins them all – the ability to think through an objective in every detail and the talent, flexibility and experience to make it happen.

GLOBAL team members are committed to something bigger than they’ve ever done before. They aim is to attract, retain and motivate exceptional people who share in their passion and determination to achieve excellence in everything they undertake. GLOBAL emphasizes the value of teamwork in everything they do.

The senior management team at GLOBAL is comprised of leaders from military, government, law enforcement, commercial and industrial sectors. Each member of the team brings new, fresh and dynamic perspectives to each client or project that they engage with and enables GLOBAL to recommend courses of action based on robust and diverse experiences.

GLOBAL realizes corporate vision by preserving core values and strengths while also undertaking continuous improvement and evolution. They view change itself as a core competency and are looking for U.S. Veterans to work at the firm who can grab on to this philosophy.

Now GLOBAL’s people are committed to achieving exceptional performance. They aim to attract, retain and develop the very best people who will share in our passion and determination to achieve excellence in everything they undertake. They are an international company and emphasize the value of teamwork in everything they do, so if you feel that you are ready to meet world class challenges, GLOBAL encourages veterans to view their jobs and apply.