The Veterans Today Network Update

by John P. Allen, General Manager

Okay, we are putting re-newed energy behind our network as we work towards our mission for 2007 to brand our sites and build up over 5,000,000 combined page views.

For April, we have upgraded the Employers 4 Veterans blog at with a new look, more links, rss feeds, and more. We utilize the site to promote awesome employers who support our job board at These folks are reaching out to hire our U.S. Veterans and so we are doing everything we can to promote this great employers. Check it

More, we have upgraded the Veterans Today Network (VTN) main page at This is our main directory site that shows all of our sites in our network.

Oh, this week, we are adding a centralized newsletter function this week. The sign up form boxes will clearly be placed on all of our sites. This will allow users to be entered into one main database and request the news and services they want from our network. This will make our job internally much easy as we can operate our communications with users from one location instead of many seperate locations. Of course, it’s opt-in so that users can choice to be part of it.
We will be sending out newsletters via email once per week. This will increase our ability to interact with our users. This list will grow quickly over the next 12 months……..I expect to have over 20,000 signed up by year end.

Oy, youi may have noticed that we added to our list of sites. Yep, we are launching this week. Dating and Social interaction the Veterans Today Network style. Marcy Jones, on our recruiting consultants at will be the Membership Manger for this site. She works close to March Air Base and Camp Pendleton and will start working the beat in May.

More, we are adding a Business Directory for Veteran Owned Companies……this is coming within the next 4 weeks. This will help our Veterans who own business to get more exposure and more business.

Oh, did I add, that we are building a Defense Supplier e-commerce in partnership with a decorated war veteran who is based in the Middle East and currently working in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I can’t disclose all the details yet, but we are launching in 4 weeks. We will be supplying contractors with security and defense products worldwide with a special focus in the Middle East.

As always, all sites will be tied in with one another so that links can be built up.
Hey, President Ronald Reagan once said…..“In a rising tide, all boats rise” and I see lots of water coming………hold on folks.