Wyeth Joins HireVeterans.com

logowyethvetsWyeth is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Corporate headquarters are in Madison, New Jersey. It’s pharmaceutical division, which comprises the bulk of Wyeth’s revenue and profits, is run out of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. They are known for manufacturing the over-the-counter drugs Robitussin and the analgesic Advil (ibuprofen), as well as the prescription drugs Premarin and Effexor, which both boast over $1 billion in sales annually.

Wyeth is one of America’s great companies and continues to reach out and expand it’s market reach by hiring and empowering U.S. Military Veterans. With varying jobs in many of it’s locations in the USA and around the world, Wyeth is actively seeking to hire and employ qualified U.S. Veterans.


Wyeth is engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture, distribution and sale of a diversified line of products in three primary businesses: pharmaceuticals (through its Wyeth Pharmaceuticals subsidiary), consumer healthcare (through its Wyeth Consumer Healthcare subsidiary) and animal health (through its Fort Dodge Animal Health subsidiary).

Pharmaceuticals include branded human ethical pharmaceuticals, biologicals, vaccines and nutritionals. Principal products include neuroscience therapies, including Effexor (marketed as Effexor internationally) and Effexor XR; cardiovascular products, including Altace (co-marketed with King Pharmaceuticals) and Inderal; nutritionals, including S-26, 2nd Age Promil and 3rd Age Progress (international markets only); gastroenterology drugs, including Zoton (international markets only) and Protonix (US market only); anti-infectives, including Zosyn (marketed as Tazocin internationally); vaccines, including Prevnar (marketed as Prevenar internationally); oncology therapies; musculoskeletal therapies, including Enbrel; hemophilia treatments, including Benefix Coagulation Factor IX (recombinant) and Refacto albumin-free formulated Factor VIII (recombinant); immunological products, including Rapamune; and womens healthcare products, including Premarin, Prempro, Premphase and Alesse (marketed as Loette internationally). These products are promoted and sold worldwide primarily to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, retailers and other human healthcare institutions. Some of these sales are made to large buying groups representing certain of these customers. The company manufactures these products in the US and Puerto Rico, and in 15 foreign countries.

The consumer healthcare segment manufactures, distributes and sells over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products. Principal consumer healthcare product categories and their respective products are analgesics, including Advil; cough/cold/allergy remedies, including Robitussin, Dimetapp And Alavert; nutritional supplements, including Centrum products, Caltrate and Solgar products, and hemorrhoidal, asthma and personal-care items, including ChapStick. These products are generally sold to wholesalers and retailers, and are promoted primarily to consumers worldwide through advertising. These products are manufactured in the US and Puerto Rico, and in nine foreign countries.

The animal health segment manufactures, distributes and sells animal biological and pharmaceutical products. Principal animal health product categories include pharmaceuticals; vaccines, including West Nile – Innovator; parasite control, including Cydectin; and growth implants. These products are sold to wholesalers, veterinarians and other animal healthcare providers. The company manufactures these products in the US and in seven foreign countries.

The company sells its line of products to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, retailers and other healthcare institutions located in various markets in more than 145 countries throughout the world.

Outstanding Global Brands, Exciting New Products and a Rich Research Pipeline
Wyeth improves the lives of millions of people around the world with its outstanding products. And new, innovative medicines are on the way. With research and development (R&D) programs focused on small molecules, vaccines and biotechnology, Wyeth is exploring more than 60 new therapies for medical conditions such as diabetes, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Wyeth has a long history of pioneering developments in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with leading products in the areas of women’s health care, neuroscience, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular therapy, vaccines and infectious disease, hemophilia, immunology and oncology. Wyeth also is a leader in the development of nutritionals.

Women’s Health Care
For more than 60 years, Wyeth has been the leader in women’s health care with its postmenopausal hormone therapies and oral contraceptives. Wyeth is committed to developing new therapies with the potential to significantly improve the health of women worldwide. To achieve this goal, Wyeth formed the Women’s Health Research Institute® — the only institute in the pharmaceutical industry dedicated solely to research in women’s health. After several years of research, Wyeth introduced new low doses of its postmenopausal hormone therapy products. Research currently is underway on several other products intended to improve the quality of women’s lives, including a low-dose continuous contraceptive, a non-hormonal therapy for the relief of menopausal hot flashes, and a new therapy for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Wyeth’s global neuroscience efforts have produced a novel therapy for depression and for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. Working with three discovery platforms — small molecules, vaccines and biotechnology — Wyeth researchers continue to develop treatments targeted for a wide range of central nervous system disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Vaccines and Infectious Disease
Wyeth’s vaccines and infectious disease franchises share a common mission: to reduce the number of serious illnesses and deaths from bacterial and viral infections and to address the growing problem of bacterial resistance to existing treatments. In recent years, Wyeth has developed some of the most innovative vaccines in the health care arena. Our R&D focuses on producing vaccines for infants and children around the world. We are proud of the impact Wyeth has had on children’s lives, and we are dedicated to continually developing vaccines so children can have a healthier future.

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Wyeth’s musculoskeletal disorders franchise develops important new therapies for patients with joint and bone disease. Our products include treatments for rheumatoid arthritis that help patients lead more active lives. In addition, Wyeth has a strong presence in the osteoarthritis treatment market. In research, Wyeth scientists are investigating novel treatments for bone and tissue repair.

Internal Medicine
Our broad and expanding internal medicine franchise includes cardiovascular and gastrointestinal products. Wyeth’s internal medicine researchers are exploring novel approaches to treat diabetes, heart conditions and vascular disorders.

Hemophilia Treatment
Since the 1980s, Wyeth has been a global leader in the search for safer and more effective treatments for hemophilia A and B. As a result of this commitment and a significant investment in recombinant DNA technology, our efforts have led to important medical advances in the treatment of these potentially debilitating diseases.

Immunology and Oncology
Wyeth’s work in immunology focuses on producing novel immunosuppressants for organ transplantation. Our efforts in oncology include chemotherapy agents for acute myeloid leukemia and a platelet growth promoter to help patients after chemotherapy. Wyeth currently has several promising oncology therapies in clinical trials, including treatments for renal cell carcinoma, breast cancer and mantle cell lymphoma.

Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare is built on strong global brands, including some of the world’s most popular and best-known consumer health care products. Three of our well-established product lines — Advil®, Centrum® and Robitussin® — are among the top 20 non-prescription medicines in the world. Other key brands include ChapStick®, the Caltrate® family of calcium supplements, Alavert®, Preparation H® and Dimetapp®.

Fort Dodge Animal Health
As a world leader in animal health, Fort Dodge Animal Health offers a broad range of biological and pharmaceutical products for the companion animal, equine, livestock, swine and poultry industries. Innovative Fort Dodge products include West Nile-Innovator®, Duramune® Adult, CYDECTIN® Pour-on, the Pyramid® vaccine line, Quest® Gel and EtoGesic® Tablets.