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HQ Aero Management Reaches Out to Hire U.S. Veterans

by Lynne Earle, Recruiting Consultant

HQ Aero is a Premier Aviation Services Company. We specialize in hiring all categories of aircraft technicians to provide manpower to service centers, repair stations, and OEMs. We have assignments available throughout the United States and overseas. The Aviation industry has constant manpower requirements, and our recruiters are always looking for qualified personnel; they’re ready to put you to work today.

“We are dedicated to matching the employee to the customer, not just filling a position. While meeting this standard is more difficult, it ultimately ensures satisfied and productive employees, greater efficiency for the client, and lower attrition for us.”

HQ Aero Management (US) Inc. has, since its inception, set about being the premier provider of skilled aviation technicians in the United States. The vision of the company has always been clear. To do exactly what we say we are going to do. That is, provide the best possible aviation technician for the task at hand. If for any reason we feel we cannot do that, we will inform the customer and decline the request. While this would be an unusual situation, we feel that in the long run, the customer will appreciate being dealt with in an open and honest fashion.

We are interested in quality not quantity.

We also offer a service in recruiting and placement of permanent aviation technicians. This service enables us to assist our customers in the search for qualified aviation technicians. We can offer this service to our customers, at an extremely competitive rate, in an effort to build a strong long-term relationship as a complete package service.

Military experience is a great advantage when seeking employment; HQ Aero considers applicants with formal training to be the most desirable applicants.

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