Donald Trump Secrets: Dress to Impress

Work how-to’s from Donald Trump. Do something you love, dress to impress

Donald Trump continues to be a major influence in the working world.

In his upcoming book, “Think Like a Billionaire” (Random House), he teaches people how thinking like a billionaire (e.g. Trump) can lead to success in work and, ultimately, life. “Whether you’re a homemaker or a schoolteacher, a lawyer or a doctor, a news anchor or an aerobics instructor, everyone is conducting business each and every day,” quips Trump. “There’s no such thing as personal and work business; it’s simply your business 24 hours per day. You are your own storefront, your own manager and your own brand, so don’t screw it up by making bad business decisions in life.” Trump espouses some simple principles of business. Following these tips from his book may help lead you to being the best in all aspects of business.

1. How to love your job: “Billionaires love their jobs — not because their jobs make them wealthy — but because they wouldn’t have gotten so wealthy doing something they hated. You have to love what you’re doing, because then it won’t seem like work to you and you will bring the necessary energy to profit from it.”

Work as if you’re working for yourself, Trump advises. This will ensure you do the best job possible. If you find you aren’t loving your job or are doing poor work, meet with your boss. If things don’t improve, find a new job. Life’s too short and work’s too important to spend it doing something you don’t love.

2. How to promote yourself: Promotion comes naturally. From success comes recognition. You shouldn’t actively seek to promote yourself — if you do a good job, people will recognize that and therein lies the promotion.

“It’s important to promote an image of yourself each and every day. It’s part of having a sense of self and a sense of purpose.” For example, when a poll asked what name was associated with “real estate,” Trump was the name mentioned most often.

3. How to behave in a meeting: Be conscious of people’s time. Have an agenda and cover the matter at hand in the shortest time possible. Long agendas and endless conversation result in lengthy, pointless meetings. Be innovative and break things up.

“Whether you’re in a meeting taking notes or running it, your behavior should be at all times attuned to the matter at hand. Grandstanding or talking just to hear yourself talk are counterproductive and bound to get you fired.” Additionally, observe the behavior of yourself and others.

4. How to dress and groom for work: Trump reiterates the adage: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to look the part. Sneakers, ripped jeans and nightclub clothes have no place at work. The same goes for bad grooming, including dirty fingernails, stained clothing, bad breath and out-of-control facial hair.

5. How to balance work and pleasure: To achieve success, you have to work seven days a week. You’ll never have success if you count the days and hours until the end of your workweek.

“If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.” Trump says that work and pleasure are one and the same. This is related to the principle of loving your job.

6. How to impress anyone in business: “Your manners, like your money, need to be maintained at all times,” says Trump. Anyone working in business should follow these rules: Be on time, plan properly, do your homework on people, remember names and small details about people, be honest, let other people talk and be self-deprecating and disarming.

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