7 Habits: The Quadrants

QUADRANT 1 is when you do things that are both IMPORTANT and URGENT. This provides you with a great deal of stress as you are always pressing. This means you are not taking care of things BEFORE they become URGENT ultimately making you and every one around you stressed out. This is very ineffective. Do you live here! Negotiate you way out and get to Quadrant 2.

QUADRANT 2 is when your do things that are IMPORTANT but Not URGENT. This is the most effective place to be as you are always doing things that are important that meet your mission but never allow things so that they never become URGENT. Quadrant 2 people learn to say NO to people who ask them to do things that do not meet their mission. This is the most effective and where the winners of the world work. You need to be here!

QUADRANT 3 is when you do things that are URGENT but Not IMPORTANT. Idiots live here. Imagine doing things that are always URGENT but never apply to your stated mission. Talk about stressed out non-achievers.

QUADRANT 4 is when you do things that are Neither URGENT Nor IMPORTANT. Beavis and Butthead along with a generation of stoners live in this neighborhood.

Brought to you by Riviera Maya Real Estate News, MLS 4 Riviera Maya, and Mojo Zone Studio. Taken from By Dr. Steven Covey book on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.